Week of DECEMBER 8–15, 2018

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

WEBSITE:  The Mitchell News-Journal
SUBJECT:  Winter weather safety: How and Where to get care in WNC

SUMMARY:  Winter weather with a chance of snow or freezing rain is always a possible forecast. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to being prepared and being well during colder and wintry weather, including when and where to seek care if you find yourself caught in a snowstorm…Mission Health’s six emergency departments are open 24/7 to care for patients with life-threatening conditions – even during winter weather. Our inclement weather plans are designed to provide the safest, highest quality care environment for our patients and team members, snow or no snow. If you have an appointment with a Mission Health doctor or clinic, our practices may close in the interest of patient safety. Should your appointment be rescheduled, your doctor’s office will contact you. Practice closings and delays will be posted regularly on missionhealth.org/closing-delays.


Sunday, December 8, 2018

PUBLICATION: The Asheville Citizen Times
AUTHOR:  Marilyn Huff
SUBJECT:  Dogwood Board members could be watchdogs we need

SUMMARY:  Mission Health System is an amazing asset for our region. My family and friends have had excellent care at Mission Hospital. We greatly appreciate the good work done by so many to develop this excellent health system and want this excellence to continue. HCA is a for-profit managed care corporation with 178 hospitals and about 1,800 sites of care in the US and UK. Due to its huge size, HCA has efficiencies in management and purchasing that save money. As a for profit entity the return to their shareholders is their bottom line. They have to pay attention to quality services to stay in business, but it is natural for them to be very selective about the less profitable services long term. I understand HCA is committed to maintaining the same services in all the regional hospitals for the next 5-10 years at which time they could discontinue the unprofitable services or hospitals. The Mayor of Marion wrote in an enthusiastic piece in the ACT on Dec 2 that this 5-10 year security is more then they have now - which is true. Mission has already discontinued labor and delivery services to three regional hospitals due to cost. Mayor Little was also pleased that the taxes paid by HCA would boost the local economies.


Sunday, December 8, 2018

PUBLICATION: The Morganton News Herald
SUBJECT:  Hospital system receives award for use of technology

SUMMARY:  Mission Health has been designated by CHIME for the 2018 Most Wired recognition. Hospitals and health systems at the forefront of using health-care IT to improve the delivery of care have maximized the benefits of foundational technologies and are embracing new technologies that support population management and value-based care. The most successful organizations not only adopt technology, but apply it strategically to achieve great outcomes, according to an analysis of the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives HealthCare’s Most Wired survey results. “Information technology — and all that it enables — is a critical component to our care teams at Mission Health. Our IT mission and vision closely align with Mission Health’s strategic goals to support our team members and to facilitate innovation,” said Jon Brown, Mission Health CIO. “I am very proud of our IT team as we consistently raise the bar on customer service, data and analytics, informatics, cybersecurity and innovation.”


Sunday, December 8, 2018

WEBSITE: mountainx.com
REPORTER: Jerry Sternberg
SUBJECT:  No room for the inn: The Gospel According to Jerry

SUMMARY:  The timing of the city’s proposed moratorium on building hotels in our city comes at a good time of the year. No problem if we have an overflow of tourists for this holiday season; these wayfaring strangers from lands far away can sleep in the manger. If the city permits it, we might start a cottage industry Airbnb for people who want to rent out their barns…The second reason this was a callous decision is that this Extended Stay Hotel was a perfect fit, targeted toward those people who come here for in-hospital treatment from the extensive region served by Mission Hospital. The families and caretakers for these patients are being deprived of a convenient accommodation that would allow them to give assistance and support to their family member or friend. I suppose our compassionate Council members never gave this a thought.


Monday, December 10, 2018

WEBSITE: beckersasc.com
REPORTER: Rachel Popa
SUBJECT:  12 acquisitions in the ASC field topping $1M+ in 2018

SUMMARY:  10. JLL sells surgery center for $35 million surgery center 
The three buildings sold include Mission Health's Asheville Surgery Center, Regional Surgical Specialists and the Carolina Spine and Neurosurgery Center. All centers are located in Asheville, N.C.


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

WEBSITE: citizen-times.com
REPORTER: John Boyle
SUBJECT:  ‘A war for talent:’ Red hot employment market has companies scrambling for workers

SUMMARY:  If you're a worker in this roaring economy, life looks pretty darn good right now — unemployment is at historic lows, wages are ticking up and companies are hiring like crazy…At Mission Health, which has 12,000 employees system-wide, the needs are just as intense. As of early November, Mission Health had 853 job openings, according to Tommasanne Davis, director of talent acquisition. While that sounds eye-popping, Mission averages between 700 and 1200 openings, "so this is about average," Davis said. The hospital system is having trouble filling some jobs, including entry level support services roles, certified nursing aides, experienced registered nurses, nursing leadership and nursing specialty roles and clinical roles, which tend to be hard to fill. Night shift roles are also tougher to fill than day shifts.